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Every coil ships from the mills to our central storage/processing facility in Burns Harbor, Indiana. There, each coil is inspected by our veteran quality personnel. Coil samples are then analyzed by the Kieh Company,, an independent, highly respected, ISO17025 accredited metallurgical laboratory. We're pleased to provide and explain test results, and discuss product suitability for your usages. Digital photos can be furnished; customers are welcome to inspect material. Full coil traceability and strict QC procedures are maintained throughout handling and processing. Tons and Tons® provides an accurate and complete description of every coil.

The proper application of secondary steel requires a sophisticated understanding of metallurgy, processing and end-products. Our steel traders have that expertise. We talk with you to help determine material suitability. You can trust our advice.

Customer Support

We move fast, so you can too. No phone tag or long response times; our traders are authorized to finalize deals at once. Steel gets released, processed and shipped promptly.

Tons and Tons® can handle your spot material needs. But for even bigger savings, tell us your regular usages and specs: gauges, sizes, grades, surface quality, tolerances, and quantities. When matching steel arrives, we'll alert you by phone or e-mail so you can capitalize on the availability and savings. We can also maintain accumulation and stocking programs to support your ongoing consumption -- and cost objectives.

With our company's varied steel interests come rare insights into market activity and trends. As another valuable benefit, we share our recommendations and market guidance helping many customers make timely steel buys.

We ship thousands of tons every month. Occasionally, quality problems occur despite our tests, inspections, discussions, and best intentions. To assure your full satisfaction, Tons and Tons® has a no-hassle recourse policy. If steel doesn't live up to its representation, we'll take it back and do our best to replace it quickly. Proper credits will be issued for material, freight, and reasonable handling charges. You have practically no downside risk.

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