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Secondary Steel Coils Tons and Tons
Secondary Steel Tons and Tons

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Aluminized Steel Coils
Electrogalvanized Steel Coils

Our extensive, select secondary and excess prime, U.S. produced stocks include:

  • Cold Rolled Coils
  • Galvanized and Galvannealed Coils
  • Aluminized Coils
  • Electrogalvanized Coils
  • Hot Rolled (including Pickled) Coils

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Secondary Steel is material produced by a mill that does not conform to the original customer's specifications (i.e., thickness, width, surface, chemistry, mechanical properties, end-use); the producer's normal manufacturing standards or methods; or ASTM, SAE, etc., qualification. Because of the quality shortcoming, such material is typically sold by the mills at a discounted price compared to prime steel. While it is not deemed acceptable for the originally intended customer or application, secondary steel is often very suitable for alternative uses. A secondary steel glossary, including 120 definitions, is available in the Steelopedia section of this website.

Excess Prime Steel is material that was overproduced in relation to the original customer's order quantity. For example, a customer may purchase 100 tons, but the mill produces 115 tons. If the customer does not accept the additional 15 tons produced, the mill will sell that material as Excess Prime. Excess Prime, technically, is not the same as Prime and may not carry a mill's normal warranty. Practically, however, product performance, appearance, etc., should be equivalent with Prime steel.

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