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Aluminized Steel Coils (Type 1)

Aluminized Steel Coil Slitting

Aluminized steel sheet (Type 1) is made from a Cold Rolled substrate, upon which a hot-dipped Aluminum-Silicon coating is applied to both sides. It offers excellent resistance for applications in which a combination of heat and corrosion resistance is required. Aluminized sustains heat and oxidation protection up to about 900° F. without discoloration, while maintaining its strength up to about 1200° F. It generally affords about twice the corrosion protection of hot-dipped galvanized, however, unlike Galvanized, Aluminum is not self-sacrificial. As such, cut edges or other uncoated areas will exhibit rust. Aluminized has a silvery-satin smooth appearance.

Major end-uses include automotive mufflers, toasters, ovens, heaters, broilers, heat shields, fireplaces and chimney linings. It is normally produced in accordance with ASTM A463 standards and tolerances.

Min. Coating Wt. - oz/ft2 total both sides
DesignationTriple Spot TestSingle Spot Test


Essex Trading Company normally furnishes coating weight descriptions based upon single-spot testing per ASTM A90 standards.

Base Metal Classifications

Commercial (Types A, B, C), Forming, Deep Drawing, Extra Deep Drawing, Structural.

Mechanical Properties
ClassificationYield Str. psiTens. Str. psiElong. % / 2"Rockwell B
Commercial Steel (Type B)45000 typ.56000 typ.>22 typ.48 typ.
Forming Steel35000 typ.52000 typ.>26 typ.38 typ.
Deep Drawing Steel32000 typ.49000 typ.>32 typ.34 typ.
Extra Deep Drawing Steel24000 typ.45000 typ.>38 typ.30 typ.
Structural Steel - Grd. 4040000 min.55000 min.16 min.65 typ.
typ. denotes typical commercial; min. denotes minimum per ASTM standards