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Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Excess Prime Cold Rolled Steel Coil
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Cold Rolled coils are produced from Hot Rolled Pickled by cold reducing to the ordered thickness and then annealing to develop specific physical properties. Compared to Hot Rolled/Pickled, Cold Rolled has a smoother surface, tighter gauge control, and better flatness.

Cold Rolled Class 1 is intended for exposed applications and free of crossbreaks, stretcher strain, fluting and minor surface imperfections.

Class 2 is mainly used for unexposed parts and is susceptible to coil breaks, stretcher strain, fluting and minor surface imperfections.

Product Classifications

Commercial Steel (CS): for moderate forming; should bend 180° on 0-T (T=thickness); C .15 max.

  • Type A: C .10 max. (ultra low carbon OK)
  • Type B: C .02-.15

Drawing Steel (DS): for low-moderate drawn applications;
typical C <.06%; usually includes Aluminum and/or Silicon

Extra Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS) or Interstitial Free (IF): excellent drawability; usually vacuum-degassed with stabilized Titanium and/or Niobium.

Bake Hardenable (BH) or Dent Resistant (DR): for applications requiring dent resistance after forming and painting.

Structural Steel (SS): for structural applications with limited forming forming.

High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA): for high strength applications, usually with moderate forming/drawing.

Mechanical Properties
ClassificationYield Str. psi Tensile Str. psiElong. % / 2" Rock. B
Commercial Steel Type A 27000 typ. 45000 typ. 42 typ.42 typ.
Commercial Steel Type B 30000 typ. 45000 typ. 40 typ.45 typ.
Drawing Steel (DS-B)25000 typ. 44000 typ. 44 typ.37 typ.
Ex. Deep Drawing Steel (EDDS) 22000 typ. 44000 typ. 45 typ.30 typ.
Bake Hardenable 28000 typ. 47000 typ. -- --
Struct. Steel - Grd. 33 33000 min. 48000 min. 22 min.60 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 40 40000 min. 55000 min. 20 min.70 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 80 80000 min.82000 min.--90 typ.
HSLA Grd. 4040000 min. 55000 min. 25 min.--
HSLA Grd. 50 Cl. 150000 min. 65000 min.20 min. --
HSLA Grd. 60 Cl. 160000 min.75000 min.16 min. --
HSLA Grd. 70 Cl. 170000 min.85000 min.14 min.--
typ. denotes typical commercial; min. denotes minimum per ASTM standards

TemperRockwell Range
CommercialB60 max.
Quarter HardB60-75
Half HardB70-85
Full HardB84 min.


Cold Rolled is produced to varying degrees of surface smoothness or brightness, depending upon end-use. The surface is measured in microinches with a profilometer. Lower values indicate a smoother (brighter) finish.

Finish Microinches Typical Application
Regular Matte 35-65 Painting; powder coating
Light Matte 20-45 Zinc plating or surface critical painting
Commercial Bright 20 max. Chrome plating
Brushed Bright 15 max. approx. Electroplating
Luster 10 max. Prep for decorative painting/plating
Embossed na Patterned surface, i.e., leather or stucco grain
Prepainted na Various paint colors available
Vinyl Clad na Various colors, patterns, textures available

Special Essex Features/Offerings

For especially-discounted pricing, we offer several products that are well suited for many applications:

Full Hard: for applications that are flat, require higher strength and/or little bending or forming.

Annealed Coils: Starting with Hard or High Strength master coils, we box anneal under closely controlled conditions to reduce hardness and increase ductility. Despite their high Carbon and Manganese compositions, the annealed coils manifest relatively low Rockwells and high elongations. The coils tend to have anneal stain at the ID and OD wraps and edges. They're also prone to crossbreaks and stretcher strains. We can provide Yield Point Elongation (YPE) test results to assess the likelihood of surface strain marks. Annealed coils easily qualify for many unexposed applications. We have considerable expertise in this product line and we're pleased to discuss its features, limitations, economies and other benefits.

Transition Coils: Cold Rolled coils with portions having an electrogalvanized coating. Often the product is suitable for unexposed applications and it usually doesn't diminish formability, paintability or weldability.

Pup Coils: coils smaller than about 200 piw. Our savings often far outweigh any related increase in processing/production time.