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Electrogalvanized Steel Coils

Electrogalvanized Secondary Steel Coil

Electrogalvanized is the most common type of electrolytic coated sheet. Electrogalvanized is produced from a cold rolled substrate, upon which a very thin layer of zinc has been electrolytically deposited to one or both sides. Because the zinc coatings are much thinner compared to hot-dipped, the product is usually intended for interior applications having little atmospheric exposure. Most Electrogalvanized is very well suited for painting, especially given its smooth surface. And with its lighter coating weights, it offers better weldability than hot-dipped Galvanized. The finish is typically light grey and spangle-free. It's forming characteristics are very similar to those of Cold Rolled; weldability is very good. Because of its generally higher cost and lower rust-resistance compared to Galvannealed, Electrogalvanized has lost considerable market share (especially for automotive applications). It is normally produced to ASTM A879 standards and tolerances. Other rarer types of Electrolytic coated sheet include Electro Zinc-Nickel and Electro Zinc-Iron Alloy.

Electrogalvanized Coating Designations
Coating Desig. oz/ft2 Min. oz/ft2 Max. oz/ft2  Coating Desig. g/m2 Min. g/m2 Max. g/m2 Coating Name Prior
32Z 0.32 .46 98G 98 140 
30Z 0.30 0.43 90G 90 130 
23Z 0.23 0.36 70G 70 110 
20Z 0.20 0.30 60G 60 90 
13Z 0.13 0.23 40G 40 70 
08Z 0.08 0.16 24G 24 45 Double
07Z 0.07 0.13 40G 40 70 
04Z 0.04 0.10 12G 12 30 Full
02Z 0.02 0.08 06G 6 25 Intermediate
01Z 0.01 0.05 03G 3 15 Flash
00Z none none 00G none none 


Essex Trading Company normally furnishes coating weight descriptions using single-spot testing per ASTM A90 standards.


Coating Conversion Formula
Convert From Convert To Multiply By
ounces/square foot (oz/ft2) grams/square meter (g/m2) 305.15
grams/square meter (g/m2) ounces/square foot (oz/ft2) 0.00328

Classifications and Mechanical Properties
Classification Yield Str.
psi typical
Tensile Str.
psi typical
Elong. % /
2" typical
Rockwell B
Commercial Steel
(Type B)
31000 48000 40 45
Drawing Steel
(Type B)
28000 46000 44 37
Extra Deep
Drawing Steel
25000 45000 45 30