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Secondary Steel Tons and Tons

Hot Rolled and Pickled Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Coils

Hot Rolled Sheet is the most basic and, typically, least expensive type of flat-rolled steel. It is used in its original form or becomes the feedstock for Cold Rolled and coated sheet steels. Usually produced in conformance with ASTM A568.


Unprocessed (a.k.a. "Band"): The crudest flat-rolled form. Coil product not cut back to gauge at ID and OD, not edge trimmed, not temper-rolled. Surface subject to mill finish, crossbreaks, scale and rust. Some mills are installing scale breakdown rolls to improve surface and eliminate the need for subsequent pickling. Unprocessed is usually not intended for applications requiring critical surface, flatness or tight thickness tolerances.

Temper Rolled (a.k.a. "Sheet"): An upgrade from Unprocessed, the coil is temper-rolled (a.k.a. skin passed), edge-trimmed, with coil ID and OD cropped back to ordered thickness. Provides improved flatness, smoother surface, and absence of L├╝ders Lines.

Pickled: A product that has been washed in hydrochloric and/or sulfuric acid to remove scale and rust. Has a smoother surface than unpickled unprocessed coil or sheet. After pickling, should promptly be oiled to protect against rust. Can be applied to Unprocessed or Temper Rolled product. Usually intended for applications requiring clean surface (i.e., for improved painting or die forming).


Commercial (Type A, B, C), Drawing Steel (Type B), Structural Steel, High Strength Low Alloy

Mechanical Properties
Classification Yield Str. psi Tensile Str. psi Elong. % / 2" Rockwell B
Commercial Steel (Type B) 39000 typ. 52000 typ. 39 typ. 61 typ.
Drawing Steel (Type B) 35000 typ. 48000 typ. 41 typ. 56 typ.
Deep Drawing Steel 30000 typ. 46000 typ. 36 typ. 50 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 33 33000 min. 52000 min. 23 min. 60 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 36 36000 min. 53000 min. 22 min. 63 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 40 40000 min. 55000 min. 21 min. 68 typ.
Struct. Steel - Grd. 50 50000 min. 65000 min. 17 min. 77 typ.
HSLA A607 Grd. 45 Cl. 1 45000 min. 60000 min. 25 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 45 Cl. 2 45000 min. 55000 min. 25 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 50 Cl. 1 50000 min. 65000 min. 22 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 50 Cl. 2 50000 min. 60000 min. 22 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 55 Cl. 1 55000 min. 70000 min. 20 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 55 Cl. 2 55000 min. 65000 min. 20 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 60 Cl. 1 60000 min. 75000 min. 18 min. --
HSLA A607 Grd. 60 Cl. 2 60000 min. 70000 min. 18 min. --
typ. denotes typical commercial; min. denotes minimum per ASTM standards